Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Pen to paper is the most difficult place to begin for a writer. The ideas we have are usually overflowing, keeping us awake at night as we jot notes on little scraps of paper with a penlight. And you would think it would be easy for a poet or a storyteller to use ink to transfer what they see, feel or think onto a blank page. It isn't. Every new beginning is daunting.

Creation is never simple and when it's successful, that is even more rare. That is why we usually attribute the creation of great art, music, poetry, literature - to the gods. Muses. Sprites. It is such a miraculous task that surely no mere mortal alone could perpetrate such an action? Yet that is what writing is...it is the manifestation of what we create in our imagination from our knowledge and ideas. By writing I am not claiming that we achieve equal level with demigods but rather I am giving credit where credit is due: To those people who every day and night break the chains of self doubt, push through the little nagging voices of people who say they can't and just DO. For we are our own worst enemies.

I promise to keep trying. After all...I got this far.

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  1. I needed to read that. You've made me feel much better about my own little efforts. Thanks