Thursday, March 1, 2012

She hides in prose. She dresses in words and lets dangle from her lips poems, lyrics or rhyme. Her eyes sparkle with metaphor and gentle hands grasp tightly onto her pen that allows her to share inner thoughts to an outside world. Dancing with daydreams and sleeping with stories told to her from a fairytale book beside her bed. Lights sparkle at night and she sees memories unfold before her eyes. Swirling in her wake are letters and phrases, a mixture of fonts and colors. Some bold. Some small. Others large and some twisted.

She is a writer and her heart beats with a melody that sings an unheard song. Eyelashes flutter and worlds are created behind brightly shining eyes filled with tears of wonderment at a world so ... beautiful. Sounds rush about her throughout the day and distract from a talent she disguises in many other forms - none of them in the purest, most vibrant or most raw. Energy is her focus - mostly positive, evoking a vibration of love to all who meet her. Pulsing, feeling, walking, reading, writing, typing ... she calls out silently. She calls out silently, hoping someone will answer the call.