Song in Progress

::Jazzy tune, soft melody:::
The streets are lined with snow
and you know you have to let her go
your kick the ground/And look around
It's life, you know

It's all a game/All just a game
One day it will all be gone
Why do we play/Each and every day
It's life, you know

We laugh, we love, we live, we cry
Using distractions until we die
Up and down all around and through
It's life, it's me, it's her, it's you.....

Currently I have a song in process. I've actually got a melody to this one:

Stars ignite and wishes fly
Over our heads up to the sky
Grasp my hand, love, unlock my desires
Run, my dear, run right into the fire.

Down and under, duck your head
Around and through this life we're lead
In Circles through rainbows, valleys and plains
Hush now, my darling, don't cry again.

How can it be this life is mine?
I asked not for it, yet still I climb
Higher and Higher above the clouds
Try and find me in the circus crowd.

In the dark now, don't be scared
They say if you pray hard enough your life will be spared
From Demons and Darkness, Fire and Fear
Wherever you go, love, I'll always be near.


Come and find me in the circus crowd...
Come and find me...
It's not allowed.

-Meaghan Couture

Second song that also has a melody and is finished:


Footprints in the sand. I'm no more than just footprints in the sand.
I look around and offer out my hand, to find I'm no more than
Footprints in the sand.

That's all I'll ever be. I know that it's all I'll ever be
I get sad but never get angry
Knowing that it's all I'll ever be.

Just footprints in the sand. Nothing more, nothing quite so grand.
Just a whisp between the water and the land.
Nothing more than just footprints in the sand.

I look back at prints I've made. Tear a little as I watch them start to fade.
It's a small price that I have paid.
Just to think of the path that I have laid...

Making footprints in the sand.

-Meaghan Couture

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