Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why blog?

Could it be because we feel our voices are not being heard?

At work. At home. In politics. At school. In our group of friends. By our parents. Our children. Our spouses.

People everywhere are reaching out, desperately trying to be recognised. Twitter. Facebook. Blogger.

With all of this talking - We're still not listening.

"People look without seeing, hear without listening, eat without awareness of taste, touch without feeling and talk without thinking." Leonardo da Vinci

I'm listening. What is it that you most feel needs to be said? Not to me, just in general. And post it here, if you like. Because everyone deserves to have a voice.


  1. Hi! Wild Celtic...
    This is my first-time posting on your blog and I think that is a very good question...Personally, I blog for several reasons...(One reason though isn't to be heard, but to "listen" or read what other bloggers, have to share with their readers, on their blogs.)

    First Of all, I blog because I like to read,(and sometimes response to fellow bloggers) and Secondly, being an artist,I like communicating with fellow artists, that I normally wouldn't meet when not online.

    Thanks, for asking the question and I hope others share their thoughts too!
    DeeDee ;-D

  2. Why not? :D

    I write because I have to. It's an imperative. You live long enough and you realize there are stories you must tell because the world is too interesting, and there are things "special" enough to share. Sharing's good.

    A blog keeps me disciplined, focussed and scheduled...or else it would interfere with my life-duties.