Sunday, February 13, 2011

You're My Wonderwall

Maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me. Maybe your friendship can save me from myself. Here's hoping it can because sometimes it's a bit much to be me.

We've had so many lives and sometimes, in the dark of night, I miss a few of them.

Eyes closed and the world fades away. Consciousness lost to the sea of dreams that wait for me to arrive after darkness falls. In them I find myself powerless to the colours, emotions and happenings of a world I visit only at night. Run, swim, watch and feel...sit, eat, hug or talk. Admire, loathe, laugh or cry. Familiar faces, strangers and those in between. Later, after waking, trying to remember what it was I saw, felt or said.

But it's impossible to remember that which isn't actually a memory.

Things that weren't actually said. Or felt. Or seen. Though my senses try to convince me of the reality of my dreams, my reality shows me it was just a dream as I look down at my empty hand, tearless pillow and silent room.

I move about my day in a quiet haze. Somewhere between here and there. And part of me is sure you're still with me.


  1. Oh man, I have always loved loved loved this cover. Sooooo amazing.