Friday, February 11, 2011

Poetry Repeats

I'm putting these back on here. For maybe they will help me shine again:
A little thing, a gangly sort of girl
All knees and elbows with skin so fair.
Eyes dark like the night, they shine with
Curiosity, with interest, with light.

Her nose in a book, she does not notice
The changes that time brings to a woman.
Dark hair down her back, skin fair and pale
And hips that curve and sway.

The boys look her way and she glances down
Thinking their interest is merely to tease
In her head she is still a gangly thing
All elbows and glasses and knees.


She tunes in
So she can tune out
She gets plugged in
To listen to bands play unplugged
Or downloads some songs
to upload to friends

This crazy cycle is
leading her in circles
chasing shadows in the fog
for answers to questions not yet asked

She rushes in the morning
to wait for the evening
And prays for sleep only
to curse the alarm clock's ringing

A small town girl out
in a big city world
Invisible in the middle of a crowd
yelling out loud to a sky
full of crows and clouds.

This crazy cycle is
leading her in circles
chasing shadows in the fog
for answers to questions not yet asked

She calls, she prays, she listens, she waits
A big city girl in a small world
Watching a sky full of clouds and crows
as questions fall silent on her lips
and clocks hands spin
and away she goes....


As the moon illuminates the sky and dances with the stars,
I sit and contemplate the fact that such a world is ours.
How can it be that this wonderous place is right here in our midst?
How can it be that there exists a beauty such as this?
The answers to these questions I may never hope to know,
but unto you these humble words of wisdom I bestow:
To those of you with a gentle heart, let it guide your way
For it is you who can most enjoy the beauty of today.
To those of you whose hearts are filled with much bitterness and sorrow,
all I can do is offer you a promise of tomorrow.

MJC Copyright ©2009

1 comment:

  1. I need somewhere to save this comment from a friend and this is the best place for it I could think of:
    'I just read a couple of posts and was blown away by the emotional weight behind the writing, I look forward to reading more.'

    This and all of the support I've gotten from you guys yesterday means a lot to me. It's like I can feel the little peices of your thoughts that wish me well tugging at the edges of my energy to lift me up.

    “Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.”