Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second Thing About Me

So, after having a fabulous day about University and town I am back tonight to answer the second post in a seven part series about me. I'll briefly address some of the comments left from the first and move into something a bit more descriptive. The first three questions were from Alan at News From Nowhere:

How are you enjoying your new home?
I adore my new home. I've never felt quite as "at home" anywhere as I do here in England. My whole life I've felt a bit out of sorts, like I didn't really belong in the places I was living. Sure, I had friends who loved me, a job, a house, things to do but I always felt a bit like I couldn't breathe or be myself. Here in Manchester I am breathing deep, full breaths of life and it tastes so sweet I could live in these little moments here forever. The green plant life dripping with fresh drops of rain and dew, the soft breezes and gentle sunsets, the hustle and bustle of the city while I walk and notice all the small details about this city on my walk to Uni. Roses in bloom, a pidgeon happily munching on popcorn, puddles reflecting the brick buildings on the sidewalk, the multitude of languages that I can hear. Alan, the answer is I'm enjoying my new home very much because to me, in spirit and heart, England is my home. I have just been away for 26 years.

Are you used to the climate?
I am. I don't mind it at all. I love the rain and I'm used to things changing rapidly. I have my umbrella and a rain coat. I know people prefer sunshine and all but I find the weather here lovely. It's never boring.

Have you found any decent pubs?
Yes, I have! I feel so lucky. I met a woman at the airport going to the same area as me for halls. She's a bit closer to my age than the 18 year olds. Her luggage fell off her trolley and I stopped to help her, we ended up dragging each other's belongings all over the campus together. She was kind enough to invite me to join her out at a cool pub on the main thoroughfare on the way to school and in turn I met the most amazing group of people. They love quizzes, are highly intelligent and funny. That and they are so welcoming to me that I'm without words to express how thankful I am that I happened into this gathering of people. I'm in awe of their group of people and admire their friendship with one another. They introduced me to another pub a bit off the beaten path but nice and quiet if I would like a pint to enjoy watching footie. It's in this way that I also feel so happy.

That answers Alan's questions. I will now go into the second thing about me which is about the events leading up to my moving to another country. People from the States have a hard time understanding my decision to move and I can see that from their point of view. I'll answer Andrew's questions in my Third Thing About Me post.

As you know, I'm back in University to get my degree. I'm pursuing a Bachelor's (Honors) Degree in English Language. The events that lead up to my moving to England have, I suppose, been going on a bit of my whole life. I have lived in a lot of places within the states, traveled to a lot of them, that sort of thing.

Education is and always has been so incredibly valuable to me. I want my University degree more than anything in the world and I want it for me. I couldn't bear the thought of living in Denver any longer. It isn't my home. California isn't my home, neither is Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, New York, Florida, or any other states I could name. Then I remembered how much I loved visiting London in 2008. London, though, is expensive and a bit too big for my liking so I did some research and came upon Manchester. It's up and coming, a lot of financial services are being poured into it to restore and maintain it. So, I emailed the University and told them I was passionate about finishing my education and wondered if they would accept me. The director of the programme asked for my transcripts and once I gave them to him he told me I was accepted on the spot. No tests, I didn't have to apply or anything - if I wanted in, I was in. So I jumped. I took that leap that you get in life - that one moment where if you hesitate you regret it and if you take it you could very well live the life you were meant to lead. I sold my car, signed over my house, sold my furniture, packed my things and within three months I had a visa to live in the UK for the next three years to pursue my dream.

Now, when I close my eyes at night and ask myself, "Is this a life that, if you were to take your last breath, you could be happy with and smile?" A tear forms at the corner of my eye, I breathe deeply, smile and say, "Yes. Yes it is."


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I so admire people that do this type of thing. I admit that I wish I had the courage to go after what i really want through education. Bravo, and best of luck in the UK.

  2. I actually didn't know any of these things except that you were about to go to England.

    It was kind of a shock to me and even though you describe some very hard events in your past, somehow I realise where all that joy you seem to have embraced comes from. I guess it's either that or depression and I'm really happy for you and inspired. Good, good for you.

    I hope you have fun during these years. And God, how I envy you! I'm not really fond of what I'm studying and that's why I haven't finished yet but if I ever finish, I'd love to go to England (or Scotland or Wales) for a master degree.

    Thank you for sharing your story and always making me feel warm inside when you post something :)