Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book...Open ended

It's more of a musing. And eventually, a direct question I will ask my friends and myself.

What book do I write?

My entire life, and especially in the last three years, my friends and even loose acquaintances, have told me, "I love your writing. Please write a book." And I have replied that I will, and have every intention of doing so. The only thing i have to discover is...what sort of book do I write? Every writer has to avoid being too self-reflective so as to not bore the reader or even to appear too self indulgent. (Which, we usually can be when it comes to writing.) But do I write something about a fictional character I have yet to bond with? Do I write about myself and my adventures? A former banker, single and 20 something succeeding at University Life in another country?

What would you want to see from me?

1 comment:

  1. It could be somewhat based on real life with a fictional character, one making a new life for herself, but still cherishing memories of back home. The character could be caught in a crosssroads, having to make a decision or discovering something new, perhaps a family member she never knew about. It could include colorful descriptions and adventures with supporting characters such as a taxi driver running from the law, an old woman at the market, or a friend coming to visit on holiday.