Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A pulse

A pulse that beats within me says:
Write. Write. Write.
But the voice that governs my actions decides
You don't have the time.

I walk and I read and I plan and I work.
I pay bills and send emails and go places
I'm scheduled to be.
Showing up is the key to success...

But all I want to do is write.
All I want to do is my future...
All I want is to be done

But alas...it's unwritten.


  1. I'm sure the writing will come back but no point forcing it..it will return when it feels right and honestly inspired.

  2. Nice though, Burning Reels, but it's not true.

    Every writer has huge resistance. Bills to pay. Facebook statuses to check.

    You need to make the decision to make writing a priority. You block the time, sit down, and make sure you write.

  3. You misunderstand me - I agree, make it a priority if you need to write something but one shouldn't become stressed if you don't have the mental capacity not to.

    Although I agree, there's an argument to write whatever the mood and outcome and eventually some kind of emotional truth may come through in the exercise. But personally, nowadays I prefer to write when I absolutely need to - when i'm in a certain state of mind. It's an interesting argument.

  4. "Write Drunk; edit sober" Ernest Hemingway