Monday, November 29, 2010

For those who have lost

Every day, faces pass us by in a whirl of different shapes and colors and size.
The eyes of some meet yours for a moment and pass by,
The eyes of others have met yours countless times.
Some moments we ponder, memorize or sometimes even forget.

Though frozen in time are hundreds of snapshots, pictures and memories
There to remember for us.
Smiling faces all laughing along to a joke or a story that has
Long since vanished into silence.

But the joy remains imprinted on paper,
Behind the glass hung on our walls.
Precious people who’ve left us behind in this fleeting reality
Still hold our hands, kiss our cheeks, share a smile in those
Framed and trimmed photographs, those moments, those memories.

These people, these moments, these pieces of our hearts,
of our history, of ourselves are with us always
Hanging on walls, propped up on desks, tucked inside wallets…
Carried for a moment in a passing glace
Carried for years in a shining summer
Carried forever when they are in your heart.

(C) MJC 2010


  1. Thanks for brightening up my day, then.

  2. I'm glad to hear it, Simon. Keep rocking your side of the Atlantic. :-D

  3. Lovely. I'm reminded of the films of Fellini; observational, symbolic, and without beginning, middle or end.